Hobart’s Leading Team of Cosmetic Dentists

Keeping your teeth looking and feeling great is an important part of self-confidence and hygiene. If you have any concerns about the appearance of your mouth, even if it’s clinically healthy, talk to Dentists of Tasmania to see what solution we can find for you as the leading provider of high quality dental treatment.

Qualified dentistry for cosmetic and aesthetic procedures

Being confident in your looks is important for self-esteem your mouth can often be a source of discomfort. We provide expertise in a range of treatments and processes, including:

  • Teeth whitening: using modern equipment and techniques, we brighten your smile by restoring your teeth from yellow to a natural white
  • Gum reshaping: soft tissue around the mouth can be contoured to treat uneven gum lines
  • Porcelain crowns and veneers: a medical ceramic is moulded for your mouth and attached to the tooth to conceal cracks and other blemishes
  • Dental bonding: tooth-coloured composite is applied to damaged or discoloured areas and shaped into a natural form
  • Implants: we surgically insert artificial roots into your gum to support a prosthetic implant. replacing any gaps in the teeth and completing your smile

If you have any short-term concerns or are experiencing any pain, contact us immediately for emergency treatment.

Using innovative Cerec technology to replace your old fillings

We are an amalgam-free practice and can remove old, broken or leaking fillings with a high quality but affordable tooth-coloured alternative. Amalgam has rapidly declined in popularity and can be aesthetically displeasing when compared with naturally coloured, easily applied substitutes. Cerec restorations involve us making a virtual model of your tooth with a specialised camera and using milling machinery to create a perfect artificial fitting that feels comfortable and looks natural.

The finest cosmetic dentistry to keep your teeth sparkling

Our clinic is founded on a core value of providing the highest standard of service and care possible. The team at Dentists of Tasmania use state of the art technology and equipment to consistently achieve impeccable results. We are established cosmetic dentists in Hobart and have a strong connection with the community and its needs.