Crowns and bridges are a great way to help restore broken, decaying, or stained teeth. They’re both used for a variety of reasons and are long-lasting, durable ways to create a healthier and more aesthetic smile!

Better yet, you don’t even need to wait a long time to restore your tooth; we understand it can be hard to make room in a busy schedule for even one dental visit. Multiple visits in a short period of time can be even harder!

Luckily, using advanced dental technology, Dentists of Tasmania provides fast, efficient treatment with our same-day crowns. This means you’re in and out of our offices in one day, instead of making a series of trips for one treatment.

Same-day crowns using CEREC technology

In the days before technology like CEREC, patients would need to wait weeks to have their crowns placed. The process involved two separate appointments: in the first, the dentist would shape your tooth down and take an impression, which would then be sent to a lab for your crown to be created. You would then be fitted for a temporary crown while you waited, possibly for weeks, until your second visit, where your temporary crown would be removed and the final crown would be bonded to the remnants of your natural tooth.

Now, you can have your crown placed in only one appointment. No more waiting around with a temporary (and more fragile) crown, or coming in for more than one visit.

The CEREC machine

Using the CEREC machine, our dentists can create 3D digital images of a patient’s tooth. We can then design your ceramic restoration, which will be highly accurate thanks to CEREC technology. Instead of waiting a week for the material to come to and from a laboratory, your durable and natural-looking crown is created inside our Sorell practice.

What happens in a typical CEREC appointment?

First, our dental team will prep your tooth and a digital 3D scan will be taken of the entire area. This image can be viewed on screen by the dentist, as well as the patient, so we’ll be able to explain the treatment in greater detail and with visual assistance.

Using this 3D scan, your crown is designed in-practice. This technology allows for quick, efficient, and durable restorations. Your custom-made restoration will then be polished and fitted into place. The process generally only takes about an hour – and it all takes place in one appointment!

Benefits of CEREC restoration

CEREC offers a modern, simple solution for many patients for a wide variety of reasons, including:

  • Its look and feel are almost indistinguishable from a natural tooth
  • Biocompatibility
  • It preserves the remaining tooth and prevents breakage
  • Durability
  • Resistance to stains