Can these new machines make the dentist feel like a spa visit?

Introducing the EMS AIRFLOW Prophylaxis Master

This new technology makes going to the dentist feel like a visit to the spa.

Get a warm towel and relax while you let someone gently clean your teeth. You won’t feel pain, cold sensitivity or hear any scraping noises. Just a calm, dare we say soothing, clean.

How is this possible? With the newest and best advances in dental technology that can effectively clean teeth, keep your gums healthy and maintain good oral hygiene without stress or anxiety.

With the new The EMS Airflow Prophylaxis Master, you can even choose what kind of cleaning experience you prefer. You can select from an air jet, sonic toothbrush, or even a manual brush. Your choice changes how the controlled stream of water feels when it hits your mouth and it’s never cold or uncomfortable.

Book your appointment today and feel the difference.

At Dentists of Tasmania, we just invested in three EMS Airflow Prophylaxis Master machines!

At our practice, we want to invest in the best quality care for our patients and we are really excited about the response so far.

Modern, non-touch dental maintenance and preventative care.

Airflow is a revolutionary method of oral care that gently removes plaque and debris, even in tough-to-reach areas while delivering a refreshing blast of clean air. The Airflow Prophylaxis System uses air pressure to gently clean your teeth without causing pain or the scraping noise involved with traditional dental cleanings. Patients suffering from dental anxiety can breathe freely while using this device allowing them to relax more easily.

This machine effectively removes plaque, tartar and other debris from hard-to-reach places like under your tongue and along the gum line the same as or even better than traditional methods. Airflow is easy to use and requires no brushing or flossing afterwards. It is safe for children and adults because it does not require contact with the gums or teeth.

Patient Comfort as a Priority

This gentle cleaning will quickly become one of your preferred treatments. Dental technology has come a long way and here at Dentists of Tasmania, we are always on top of the latest treatments. Our practice is for everyone so we want to ensure our care is gentle enough for children and sensitive patients and also effective enough for all of our other patients. We keep your comfort in mind at all times.

When the EMS AIRFLOW gently removes plaque from between teeth, it will leave your mouth feeling fresh and clean. It releases a controlled flow of air, warm water and very fine sweet powder into the mouth. It also targets those hard-to-reach areas of the teeth to dislodge and remove debris, plaque, staining and stains. 

How is the EMS AIRFLOW Prophylaxis Master different?

In conventional methods, the ultrasonics use cold water on your tooth. This cold water and vibrations cause pain and discomfort during the treatment. To avoid the discomfort of traditional methods, EMS AIRFLOW uses warm water instead. Warm water is gentler on your gums and teeth. You will feel less pain using EMS AIRFLOW because it does not require cold water. The gentle vibration also helps to remove the plaque and tartar buildup. There is no need to scrape your teeth or use any other tools. The airflow system gently massages your teeth, enhancing biofilm therapy's effectiveness. It is an easy and fast method for cleaning your teeth without uncomfortable scraping noises or sensations. You do not need to worry about the mess after the treatment. Once the procedure is complete, all that remains is to rinse away the debris.

Test the Best EMS Dental Instruments to prevent gum disease

Traditionally, dental scrapers are used to remove the plaque deposited on teeth and gums. These tools are noisy and can cause pain. The EMS Airflow device uses a stream of air instead of scraping to clean teeth. It has an ergonomic design and does not disturb the patient at all. 

If you are new to our practice, feel the difference our new machines make to your comfort and ease. You can always book an appointment online or contact our friendly reception desk.

Or call us today ((03) 6265 2009).














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