Meet our Dedicated Team

Our family of Dentists and Assistants are all personable, friendly and have experience making our patients feel relaxed and comfortable.

Each member of our team has a specialised area of expertise and they are all dedicated to their practice. We will go above and beyond to ensure you get the best possible results with the least possible discomfort.

We take your smile seriously.

We will never judge, only meet you exactly where you are on your health journey to a confident, pain-free smile.

our dentists

Dr Roger Puckridge

Dentist - Principal & Founder, Bachelor of Dental Surgery

Mentor, Founder and still a people-person after 30+ years in Dentistry

Known to burst into song and sling some pre-loved Dad jokes, Dr. Puckridge has a knack for making his patients feel just like family. Creating that vibe is as natural as it is deliberate. Devoted Husband and Father, Roger loves his work and it shows.

With fellowships in Implantology at Miami University, the University of Melbourne and the University of Bogota, you won't find Dr. Puckridge getting comfy with his knowledge base. He's constantly seeking to improve his practice and welcomes all the newest modern dental technology into his practice.

When he's not working with his loyal patients, or training up and coming dental superstars, Dr. Puckridge can be found mining a mountain of veggies from his garden, golfing or singing in his local group.

Dr Sahba Kashani

Ortho - Dentist B.D.Sc UWA Diploma in Progressive Orthodontics

Passionate about Orthodontics & Celebrating 30 years in practice

Dr. Kashani is our in-house Ortho - Dentist in our practice. She's lived and worked overseas and has a wide range of knowledge and experience in general dentistry and orthodontics. She is dedicated to helping patients treat dental and facial irregularities, align teeth & bites correctly including jaws, and also straightening crooked teeth.

Incredibly family-oriented, Dr. Kashani has been married for over thirty years and has two adult children. In her free time, Dr. Kashani loves serving her community to help support the growth of vibrant neighbourhoods.

Dr Adib Kashani

Dentist - BDSC

Sincerely dedicated to service and health, over 30 years in practice and a root canal expert

Growing up with a country GP as a Father, Dr. Kashani learned from a young age about the importance dental health and nutrition has on overall health and wellbeing.

After graduating in WA under the tutelage of astute and highly qualified specialists; Dr Kashani felt dedicated himself to teaching dentistry in China. After living in Tasmania for the last few years, Dr Kashani is dedicated to saving teeth and passionate about restoring the bad rap that root canal treatments have. He remains abreast of the latest in root canal technology, material science and interestingly this sparked an interest (pun intended) in black smithing.

Dr Megan Von Keyserlingk

Dentist - BDS

A General Dentistry enthusiast who specialises in patient comfort

Megan enjoys practicing and prides herself on prioritising patient comfort. Her gentle manner and relaxed approach enable anxious patients to feel at ease. In addition to treating adults, Megan enjoys treating children and young adolescents and is a passionate advocate for prevention of dental disease. Her goal is to provide positive dental experiences from an early age.

She grew up in a small town in Far North Queensland and completed dentistry studies at James Cook University in 2020. Whilst completing her undergraduate placement in Launceston, Megan fell in love with Tasmania and decided to move there permanently.

Outside of dentistry, Megan can be found training at the gym most days, visiting with friends and family and exploring her Tassie’s hidden treasures.

Dr Nacho Luna

Dentist - BDS

Fluent in three languages, Spanish, French and English, Dr Luna comes to us all the way from Argentina.

With a Bachelor's degree of Dental Sciences, Dr Luna has been practising for over 12 years. His interest in medicine comes from a deep passion for caring for people. Dentistry keeps Dr. Luna engaged with its art and complexity. His approach is patient/ family-centric, and he takes great care when educating his patients.

Brought to Tasmania for the nature, peace and stunning landscapes, he and his French partner are busy with their young child. Dr Luna loves food and wine too much to stick to any diet but he works off his calories by belting out a Tango song while playing guitar and spending time in Tasmania’s wild outdoors

Dr Prabin Baral


An expert at putting patients at ease, with a holistic approach to dental care.

Practising since 2021, Dr Baral is keen on the latest dental technologies because he sees their positive results. He prides himself on explaining options to patients and working together as a team to achieve the best results in the most relaxed way possible.

With a special interest in cosmetic dentistry, root canals, and wisdom teeth removal, Dr Banal explains procedures and consent in detail, which removes a lot of fear and anxiety. A family man with a young son, Dr Banal unwinds by playing soccer and hiking.

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