Do you feel anxious about visiting the dentist?

You're not alone.

At Dentists Of Tasmania, we understand that fear prevents people from maintaining their best oral health.

We want to spread the message that it is much easier to maintain your oral health and stay pain-free with regular dental check-ups and good oral hygiene.

We can help you!

At our practice, we make it part of our job to help you feel calm and comfortable before you even reach the chair.

Our team have plenty of experience with children, their parents and grandparents too. It's important to us to help all our patients, of any age, relax and stay calm throughout their procedures.

Quick, Accurate, and Options for Pain-Free Treatments

Always an early adopter of modern technological advances, Dentists of Tasmania is not your typical small-town dentist. We have the most up to date equipment and knowledge of all the procedures which maximise your comfort, safety and the speed and effectiveness of your procedures. We even offer sleep dentistry where we can fix you up under a general anaesthetic.

Please excuse any Dad jokes you might hear around our office.

We're family-owned and operated; our practice was founded over 20 years ago by husband, Father and Dentist Roger Puckridge. 

Now we have a team of four friendly dentists with a range of specialities. We can meet all your needs right under one roof so you won't have to travel or shop around.

Easy comunication

We serve patients of all ages so whether you prefer booking on the phone or over the internet, we will communicate with you however you prefer. We have people who like to call and some who want to book on a mobile device on the go.

Never miss an appointment with our automated reminders and quick online paperwork. Or pop in personally and our lovely reception staff will help you fill out your hard copies.

Beautiful Results

One of the core values of our clinic is providing the highest service standards possible and delivering the best outcomes. We take pride in using state-of-the-art technology to achieve consistent and impeccable results.

Dentists of Tasmania, located in Sorell, Tasmania, just outside Hobart.

An experienced team of friendly dentists offering cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics, sleep dentistry, children's dentistry, and more. We can treat the whole family, and you don't need to drive to Hobart for the latest modern dental technology.
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