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Denture Partnership Announcement

Exciting Partnership Dentists of Tasmania are excited to announce our partnership with Total Denture Care Clinics. We have teamed up with Total Dentures Care Clinics to provide you with a seamless service with all of your denture needs. You will have the option to see the Total Denture Care prothetist...

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The truth about Amalgam fillings

Are you concerned about mercury poisoning from amalgam fillings? You don’t need to be but if you are over 40 continue reading. Amalgam is a strong, long lasting and perfectly safe dental material and is still used in other dental practices today. The World Health Organisation and the Australian Dental...

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CEREC at Dentists of Tasmania

Dentists of Tasmania, Hobart are embracing cutting edge technology using Cerec. Cerec restorations are strong, durable and look and feel like your natural tooth. Cerec protects your tooth from further fractures and is the ideal procedure of choice to replace fractured amalgam fillings or cracked teeth. It is a conservative way of...